NEW Kanga 4-in-1 Bucket


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As a larger and stronger bucket than the standard 4-in-1, this bucket is designed to suit 8 Series Kanga loaders, for heavier applications. It features front blading, back blading, plus all the advantages of a regular bucket. Open the jaws to dump at full height, or use the jaws for moving bulky material.


Heavy duty construction

Opening jaws with front, middle, and back blading

High back grille, with no compromise on operator visibility

Bucket 4-in-1 opening is designed for easy bottom dumping

Various configurations available, such as fixed or removable teeth, and straight edge

HEAPED VOLUME* 0.13m3 / 4.59cu ft

STRUCK VOLUME* 0.095m3 / 3.36cu ft

WIDTH 1100mm / 43”

LENGTH 830mm / 33”

HEIGHT 560mm / 22”

WEIGHT 157kg / 346lbs

Additional information

Weight 346 lbs
Dimensions 110 in